Friday, November 28, 2008


Holidays are always a little different when you happen to be spending some time in Africa but always eventfull! Volunteers gathered for a slightly improvised Thanksgiving meal with turkeys and chickens that we killed and plucked ourSELVES. It was a foodfilled day spent at our regional house with around 40 Peace Corps volunteers and a very nice British couple. For my birthday I was given lots of love and a cheesecake that I spoon-fed to everyone present.

It was a glorious day.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


To keep the power of women going strong I'd like to briefly mention a volunteer-created organization called SeneGAD. Gender and Development is a sector in itself in many countries that Peace Corps serves but not in Senegal, so we decided to create SeneGAD; and organization of Peace Corps Senegal volunteers in every sector that participate in projects and programs devoted to minimizing the gender gap and raising awareness of the gender issues all too apparent in the Senegalese culture today. The following is a movie put together by peace corps volunteers interviewing various amazing women, one of whom works for the Peace Corps. (Watch the movie, her name is Awa Traore and while filming, her phone rang and she just picked it up and puts it back down--that was probably one of us calling with a host family problem. Haha.)

We recently held an all girl conference in Ourossogui with middle school girls in the area, it was amazing. (Do I use that word too much? English is failing me). We showed the movie (above) and talked about topics like stereotypes, personal limits and goals and had a few extraordinary guest speakers. At the risk of sounding like a British t-shirt, I have to say GIRL POWER!

Pictures to come.