Thursday, February 21, 2008

In the words of Forrest Gump, "Sometimes people do things that, well, just dont make no sense."

I know it has been a while since my last blog but I've been running around the country willy nilly and haven't had a chance until recently.

Let me start from the most recent news in my life and work my way backwards to before I left my village to come to Dakar (where I am now).

So once a year WAIST (The West African Invitational Softball Tournement) is held in Dakar, Senegal for all the Peace Corps volunteers in all the west african countries. This is basically a four day debocle in which you play softball and drink all day and night, get no sleep and try to survive. I barely scraped by. It turns out that I'm not a bad softball player but had a little trouble running to second when I got pegged in the back of the head with the ball by the Guinean team. I toppled over but recovered quickly. Unfortunately, things got worse.

Saturday night was a party hosted by our (senegal) volunteers and things got a little crazy. Apparently when you throw someone in the middle of no where with no contact with any other people like you, one seems to go a little crazy when brought back into civilization. Anyway. The night began with a huge mistake on my part; wearing these high ass heals that killed my feet. I am not a high heel wearer. So after, oh say five minutes, Ive had enough and take off my shoes and proceed to walk around barefoot the rest of the night on basically the worst terrain possible for a party; cobblestone and stairs. An unseen step appeared to my demise and I fell, hardcore. Wow that really hurt. Some friends found me, laid me out in a hotel room and gave me ice and advil. And that, as they say was only the tip of the iceburg. If you'd like further details I'll be happy to fill you in at some later date. Suffice to say it was one crazy frickin night.

So after being in denial and walking around on it (my foot) for the last three days I finally got an xray and it is indeed broken. Guess Im staying in Dakar for a little while. The logistics of living here are very difficult when you have limited mobility. Walking is essential, not to mention I sometimes have to walk 2 hours in and out of my village. So Im basically hanging out in the infirmery until the swelling goes down and I can fit my foot into my tennis shoes. Its pretty lonely here with nothing really to do except play around on the internet and watch senegalese television.

That brings us up to date: softball, beer, broken foot.

But BEFORE I left my village, things were going pretty well. A couple days before I left the forage was fixed and we had once again had our spickets turned back on. No more well dwelling. The series ended before it even began.

Also, I had started a weekly baby weighing at my village school with the help of my principal. The first saturday I weighed over 50 babies!! If you had a baby, I was weighing it!

I also had an interesting conversation with my village teachers about what the meaning of the song, "Smack That!" was?? Any guesses on how to explain that in French? "Frapp La!" The meaning goes a little deeper...

So, the most exciting thing happening in the near future is MY PARENTS ARE COMING TO VISIT IN less than two weeks!! I can't wait to see them and show them MY world. Maybe I'll even let one of them write a guest blog about how they found Senegal... if they're good. ;)

Mom, word of advice:
Bring about half of what you're thinking of bringing. You'll thank me for it!

Anyhoo, I'm lonely and feeling pretty down lately and would love some emails since I'll be on the internet quite a lot for the next couple days.