Thursday, November 8, 2007

HO hum

Mosquito net nipping?? I need to pay better attention to my spelling. In case there was any confusion, mosquito net DIPPING was meant; the process of dipping nets in chemicals to repell mosquitos. Clear? Good.

Bernard and I painted a map of the world in one of the rooms in my school last weekend and I am slightly angry at God for not making the world easier to draw. Have you ever tried drawing the world? There are some MESSED up countries. Not to mention all those puny islands hanging out everywhere just LAUGHING at my distress.

Anyhoo, Its done and I hope to show the children and teachers how to use it. You would think that teachers would know what a map is and what countries are where, but not so much. I mean, I very much lack any sort of geographical skill (just ask Bernard---ok, dont ask him. He knows) but I can at least name all the continents.... for the most part. Russia's one, right? People here have no real idea of what the world looks like or where things are in relation to eachother. Thats why this map project is such a great project for Peace Corps volunteers.

This saturday Luci, a third year SED volunteer, is throwing a "Senegalese" birthday party for her 30th birthday. She rented out the local youth center, hired a drum band, and arranged for the fete to be catered, Senegalese style of course. She invited her Senegalese family and friends as well as the volunteers. Im looking forward to rocking out to some Akon and Baba Mal.

November 22nd is thanksgiving and we're all going to the regional house for a thanksgiving extraveganza. Im in charge of pies.

Then December 12th I will be gracing the wonderful continental U.S. with my presence for a few weeks. Can't wait!