Sunday, August 12, 2007


Unfortunately I never have any pictures of myself because the villagers cant use my camera, partly because I dont let them touch it and partly because my camera is pretty finicky and they wouldnt be able to figure out how to use it.

This is a picture of my host father, the chief, my host mother and their neice Aissata who wanted me to take a picture and send it to her in an email because she lives in France. She was only here for a day and couldnt believe that I was going be here for two years. She spoke English and obviously french. She was really nice.
This is Aissata and her sister on the far left, Naffi, and some other ladies au village.


These are some pictures I took of the "Chossan" in my village. Im not really sure what it is specifically but they dress a bunch of kids up in tradional clothing and parade them around. Then they ask them one by one what they're going to do for the village. Some responded with things like "Im going to raise cows so the village can have meat and milk" others said stuff like, "Im going to take care of the children."

This is a little girl whose mom saw my camera and made me take a picture of her daughter, but I didnt mind because she was cute.
These are a bunch of boys that go to koranic school in my village. Do you see the one to the left giving the 'thumbs up'? I love that.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


After three months in the village, a 12 hour car ride with a driver who must have " forgot" to get gas at the many stations we passed along the way and seemed surprised to learn that we RAN OUT OF GAS, and quite a disgusting little bout of stomach trouble, I'M HERE!

I'm back in Thies and happy to see my friends and host family. Two of my syblings have gotten married since I left and my brother's wife, who is very nice, has moved in. They've also acquired a bucket of turtles that they like to set outside my door at night which was to my great surprise the first morning when I awoke to find them. (I almost stepped on them in my sleepy stupor.)

The weather is great and the food is even better. Today we had CHICKEN. CHICKEN! You can not imagine what a delight it was. I ate probably at least 5 more bites than I should have but I have to store up for the village. This weekind we're all going to Dakar for a party that they American Club is having for us. Im going to be so spoiled with food for these three weeks.

Our training consists of mostly health technical training and a little language. I've decided to take French this time for a much needed review.

I could write more but theres not much more going on and I've got to go eat some food anyway.